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Delhi Cuisine comes from the Moghul Emperors. The influence of the Mughal rulers who ruled India is perhaps most felt in their food. A major contribution towards this is the tandoor which is an earthen oven, used to make rotis and kababs, which are pieces of meat marinated in spices and skewered over a coal tandoor. Some of the famous Mughlai dishes include tandoori chicken, seekh and boti kebab and even tandoori fish. Mughlai food is very rich in taste. Its sauces consist of curd, cream and crushed nuts like cashew.

If one wants to enjoy the original taste of Mughlai Food, theres still no place like the Mughal emperor Shah Jahans city, now called the Old Delhi. At places like the now almost legendary Karims and Babu Khans near Jama Masjid, Kallus Halim near Gali Chitli Qabar and Nalli Nahari in Beradari, beyond Ballimaran, the art of making Mughlai food is just like it was in the good old days of the emperors. The reason for this is that most of the families who own these restaurants in Old Delhi are descendants of the royal cooks who used to serve in the kitchens of the Mughal emperors. They take fierce pride in having successfully preserved the culture of the Mughlai cuisine in face of the Tandoori onslaught.