Its young, its lively and a confluence of varied cultural currents and cross currents have given Mumbai a unique position of the most multi-ethnic city of India. The capital city of Maharashtra State

Delhi Travel Guide

Delhi is divided into two parts- North Delhi which is the Old Delhi and South Delhi is the New Delhi which is the modern metropolis and a centre of all modern developments and the house of many an old forts, mausoleums and other monuments. New Delhi is a planned and well laid out city where most of the actions are taking place.

Delhi experiences a very extreme type of climate with very hot summers and extremely chilling winter. The right time for the tourists to visit the city are the winter months starting from November till March. The extreme humidity resulting due to rapid growth of population and traffic makes life miserable during the summer.

Delhi Sightseeing

Welcome to Green Delhi! We provide information about Delhi sightseeing tours and Our Delhi sightseeing tour have been well planned and care has been taken to try and cover all the major sites and monuments of Delhi. We look forward to meeting you and showing you Delhi the fun way!

Delhi, the capital city of India has a blend of historic past and vibrant present. Delhi is the soul of the Country. Delhi pronounced as Dilli is the second-largest metropolis in India after Mumbai with a population of 13 million.

Delhi is a very cosmopolitan city due to the multi-ethnic and multi-cultural presence of the vast Indian bureaucracy and political system, and now expanding economic base. Read More...

Delhi Museums

Museums in Delhi present you the unnerving, majestic and glorious history of Delhi as well rest of the world through some ancient manuscripts, specimens of crafts work, etc. Museums in Delhi consists of all records of history - both ancient and recent one.

The specialty of museums in Delhi are that there are certain special items based on which the museums have been built such as dolls, crafts, railways, etc. Read More...

Multiplex Malls In Delhi

The city of Delhi is a shopaholic's utopia. The shopping malls in Delhi represent the ultimate cure in retail therapy!.You can purchase a wide range of goods within the shopping malls in Delhi.

The eclectic collection of wares will make even Alibaba green with envy! The notable shopping malls in Delhi are: Read More...

Temple Of Delhi

Delhi, the national capital is a house to some of the significant tourist destinations. Two different worlds with completely different cultures can be seen here.

Delhi City has various historical monuments proudly representing the golden era. The history of these monuments is so intense that it amazes the travelers. On the other hand various temples in Delhi enjoy the status of famous tourist destinations well known for their architectural brilliance and the spiritual experience they add to the lives of the people who visit these temples Read More...

Gardens & Picnic Spots In Delhi

Delhi is a city of gardens.There are a lot of Parks and Gardens in delhi. Besides, there has come an amusement centre near Mahipalpur. Appu Ghar, in Pragati Maidan area is quite popular with children.

Delhi, the capital city of India has a blend of historic past and vibrant present. Delhi is the soul of the Country. Delhi pronounced as Dilli is the second-largest metropolis in India after Mumbai with a population of 13 million.The vibrant city of New Delhi is blessed in every way. Be it technology, tradition, natural beauty or architectural marvels the city offers it all.

Dotted with parks and gardens throughout the city Delhi is home to some of the most reputed gardens in the world. Known for their picturesque overtures and exquisite style of architecture the many gardens and parks in Delhi form the ideal destination for quite walks and moments enjoyed in silence among the tweets of birds.Read More...

Festivals In Delhi

Delhi, being a metropolitan city, is a melting pot of cultures, traditions and festivals of the country. In fact, all major Indian festivals are celebrated here by different communities, though on a smaller scale than in the state of origin . For example, the Rath Yatra of Puri is enacted here at the same time that the mega-event takes place.

Delhi celebrates almost all the festivals that are celebrated in other parts of the country. From the Diwali of the Hindus to the Eid of the Muslims to the Christmas of the Christians to the Guru Nank Jayanti of the Sikhs, each and every festival is celebrated in Delhi.Read More...